Geared toward sustainable progress.

Working with Homeowners and Contractors in Montana

Waste Less Works is a locally owned deconstruction and selective demolition business dedicated to reducing waste in the built environment. Salvaged building materials are sold at our storage yard located at 2604 Industry Street. We welcome all craftsman, home owners, DIYers, artists, and anyone looking for great building materials.

Our goal is to promote sustainable development by offering the best deconstruction services in Western Montana.

Deconstruct & Salvage

We work directly with Homeowners and Contractors alike to get the job done on schedule and within budget. More importantly, we get the job done right, which saves everyone time.

Waste Less Works Deconstruction services provides a competitive, safe, and environmentally friendly alternative to standard demolition. Rather than crush buildings with large machinery, we use surgical precision to take apart buildings so that waste is limited and usable materials are salvaged. Deconstruction is responsible to the community and environment and is basically reverse construction. Salvaged building materials are sold at our outdoor storage yard located at 2604 Industry Street, or donated to a non-profit such as Home Resource or Habitat for Humanity Restore.

Our Services

Full Deconstruction

Entire disassembly of small to large commercial, residential, or accessory structures.

Selective Demolition

Residential and commercial remodels and renovations of interior and exterior spaces. No job is too small or too big.

Shop The Yard

Located at 2604 Industry Street is our outdoor storage yard with an abundance of salvaged building materials for sale.
Maximillian Robert Smith
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Buying great materials from these guys has really helped our small farm.
Timothy Fister
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great pricing on great stuff
Denise Reely
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Martin and crew dismantled our deck today. What an amazing crew! Left no sign that they had even been there! Amazing!
Chantel Taylor
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Thank you Waste Less Works for Donating supplies to a veteran in need! We appreciate your generosity!
Wendy Berthold
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Treasures abound. Plus, you know...reuse, upcycle, keep stuff out of the landfill!
Matt Mullin
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Waste less works saving the world one building at a time!
Phoenix Art Hoops
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Waste Less Works is a wonderland of STUFF! Remember when stuff was made to last?! That's the stuff they've got. 100% of their inventory would be forgotten in a landfill right now if they hadn't stepped in to salvage it. Deconstruction and material recovery help us towards a more sustainable future! Their yard is OVERFLOWING with solid, built to last materials at a fraction of the cost. Antiques, commercial kitchen gear, doors, toilets, and pieces of Missoula history! Way more building materials than Home Resource and better prices most of the time. A terrific place to hunt for treasure or come directly to the yard guys, they know their stuff. If you're lucky you'll catch a glimpse of Abby, the fastest, cutest rabbit-chasing junkyard dog in the West. Worth the trip.
Bettie Gordon
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Got the job done right safe and on time
Dianna Craig
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Friendly staff. It's like a construction yard sale. I like it
Doran Gopher
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Got a great deal on some great material, I recommend this place to anyone
Jake Bahns
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These guys have everything! Stop in before you head to the hardware store when you start a project around your home. Easy to work with and they will help you find what you need. Plus, they keep these valuable resources out of the landfill. Thanks Waste Less!

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