Full Deconstruction

Full Deconstruction is reverse carpentry where a building is carefully disassembled from top to bottom with the goal of keeping as much used building material out of landfills and to maximize its reuse and recycling. This is a sustainable alternative to traditional salvage and demolition jobs that use heavy equipment (e.g., and excavator and a front-end loader) to level a home or commercial structure, and then load it out in trucks only to be dumped at the landfill.


Missoula, Montana is a beautiful place to call home, and one that has a growing community that is taking an active interest in ways to reduce its carbon footprint. We are proud to be a part of such a community. By helping homeowners and local business owners find sustainable deconstruction solutions to their construction projects we are creating a better world for future generations while putting men to work rather than machines.

Our clients believe in doing it better. Better for our planet. Better for business. Better for our community.

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Benefits of Deconstruction:

For the property owner, Waste Less Works is competitive on price because we take into consideration the potential salvage value of materials that we can sell at our storage yard. In addition there are possible tax credits that can be earned on the charitable donations of material. We recommend that you work with a qualified accountant to take full advantage. 

The community benefits when reusable building materials and appliances are made available at substantially reduced prices for homeowner repairs and remodeling. In contrast to traditional demolition, where a few machines destroy much of the reusable material and haul it off to a landfill, deconstruction provides good jobs at a living wage. Deconstruction allows materials to enter the marketplace that would otherwise be lost to the landfill. In our opinion, sending entire buildings to the landfill equates to theft. Additionally, our used building materials storage yard or that of a non-profits resell these used materials such as appliances, reclaimed lumber, used sheet metal roofing, lighting fixtures, and more, can use their earnings to further their mission of providing affordable housing or entry level jobs.

Environmentally, by keeping building materials and other salvageable materials out of landfills, we can double or triple the lifespan of the salvaged materials. Capturing these materials in turn reduces society’s need to manufacture replacement materials, which reduces the need for mining and logging of our natural resources. Thus saving huge amounts of Embodied Energy. Planet Earth is all we truly have.