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3 days ago

Waste Less Works

Someone showed courage and follow through and was rewarded with a trailer full of really awesome building materials today down in our West Fork job. Thank the good lord baby Jesus for folk who love salvaged trusses, joists, metal roofing and subfloor. Can I get an Amen!?

Yes we still have an awesome window and sliding glass door package that needs a home.
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6 days ago

Waste Less Works

Feeling thankful for all the work my crew has put in these past few weeks dismantling a raucous conglomeration of buildings. We spent a short week denailing lumber and doing some cleanup in preparation for a final push. Not looking forward to glued down subfloor. Glue in newer buildings now will not help salvage opportunity in the future. Let us consider designing for disassembly.
#salvage #reuse #sustainability #deconstruction
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3 weeks ago

Waste Less Works

West Fork progress photos. This home is like an onion, which by the way, is how I describe religion. When you peel back the layers you get to the center of truth. At least that is the goal, right? In this case, my religion is salvage. Thanks to my crew we have peeled enough now to get into the original house.

This coming week we will have to move our comfortable kitchen into the garage and dismantle the original structure. Then we will move onto the newest part, a cozy two story addition. Just wait and see. The truth is out there.

#salvage #reuse #sustainability #deconstruction #religion #truth
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