Reliable Building Deconstruction Services in Whitefish, MT

Demolition can be one of the most dangerous home projects. You don’t want to take any risk when taking your building apart. At Waste Less Works, it is our job to provide you with surgical precision when it comes to the full deconstruction of a building. Our top priority, since we opened our doors for business in Whitefish, MT, has always been completing deconstruction projects safely, within budget, and on schedule. We are also committed to reducing waste by ensuring you reclaim as many building materials as possible. 

Why Us

As a locally-owned residential and commercial demolition company, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Our work starts with a sit down with you to better understand your project needs. Our team will then make recommendations on how to handle the full deconstruction of a home and lay down a plan for recycling. If you want to reuse your used roofing, we can see to it that the building is taken apart without causing any damage to the roof. 

It is also our job at Waste Less Works to take care of the waste. The reclaimed building material will be sold at our storage yard. You never have to worry about where to dispose of the waste. We will do that for you. 

Our unique approach is what makes our demolition specialist the most sought after in Whitefish, MT. As aforementioned, we want to help you recycle as much as possible. That is why we don’t use large machinery to crush the building. We use surgical precision to take the building apart. This results in less waste. Most of the building materials can be salvaged. The salvaged materials are then sold or donated to non-profits like Habitat for Humanity Restore and Home Resource. 

Let our experienced team of demolition specialists take the building down for you safely and without breaking your budget. We are always happy to hear from you and offer the support you need. Call us today.